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Eye Exam Farmington Hills, MI
Eye Exam Farmington Hills, MI

Plan to spend up to ninety minutes with us for your visit. When having a complete eye examination, your eyes will be dilated so that we can accurately test for visual changes, glaucoma, cataracts, corneal disease, macular degeneration and other retinal diseases. Your vision will be blurry for up to five hours following the examination. You may not be able to drive until the blurriness ends. To determine if it is safe for you to drive, sit in your car with sunglasses on and the engine off. Look around for a few minutes. If you feel you are not seeing well, you will need to wait until the drops wear off or make other transportation arrangements.

Ophthalmic Diagnostic Instruments

We have state of the art advanced instrumentation including:

Lenstar allows for a quick, simple and highly accurate measurements for intra-ocular lens implants prior to cataract surgery. Using this instrument significantly reduces a patient's need for distance glasses following cataract surgery.
Corneal Pachymeter recent studies prove that this test aids in the diagnosis of glaucoma.
Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer new technology and new software allowing for a faster, less stressful yet accurate evaluation of visual field, especially in glaucoma patients.
Cirrus HD-OCT which predicts vision loss in glaucoma before it occurs. It also evaluates retinal swelling in diabetics and other retinal macular conditions.
Fundus Camera documents the current status of the optic nerve and the retina in patients with glaucoma and retinal conditions using photography then compares the photos to those taken in later years.


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